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Beelzebub BluRay

A bunch of nice people!

This show was great back when it aired and I had wanted to work on it, but at the time only the DVDs were available. So, doing the whole 60 episodes was sort of a pain and I never got all the DVDs for some reason. Some few months ago I ran into the French BD release and decided to give it a second look, unfortunately it was a DVD upscale therefore I only did it at 576p and went with the US DVD subs. But again, working on 60 episodes is too much hassle and instead of just muxing the awful VobSubs I decided to OCR to ASS without any real effort to do a full FanSub job. The other option was to convert them to PGS, but for some reason they turned out bad for whatever reason specially the whole anamorphic aspect. With that in mind, there might be a lot of errors and no typesetting at all, obviously, but at least I tried to make it okay-ish. So, don’t expect me to do anything regarding fixing anything for the subs.

Finally, if someone wants to do a full edit of the subs with typesetting and all. You can either release your own with my files and just give me some credit, or let me know and I can probably put everything together for a v2 version.

Source: French BDMV
Video: 576p 8-bit AVC
Audio: AAC
Subtitles: Retail ASS (minimalist edit)

Torrents: anidex & minglong