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Mushishi Zoku Shou (2014) BluRay

Even Ginko is amazed I completed the series!

So, finally the last episodes of Mushishi Season 2 are finished. One reason this was delayed is because I was waiting to see if Ruell would encode it for me as he did with the first three volumes. Unfortunately, he is very busy with University so I had to stepped in and do the encodes. And obviously the other reason is that I don’t have the time I would like to work on my projects. I hope the naming convention is not controversial but that’s how I’ve decided to name it.

Source: BDMV
Video: 720p at CRF 16
Audio: AAC at tvbr 127
Subtitles: Vivid
Specials not translated, scans and audio files are also included.

torrents: anidex


  1. otaviomad otaviomad

    this is a tad bit confusing. is this the second or first zoku shou season?

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      Second, the first one I did a while ago. Here is the anidb link.

  2. kannada kannada

    is this up on xdcc?

  3. Cloah Cloah

    Thanks so much for finishing this series up! 🙂

  4. Tiago Tiago

    Thanks a lot for doing this series in Bluray, I really appreciate it!
    Can I just ask why no 1080p version?

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      Because it’s an upscale and there’s no point. It’s better to use your player’s built-in upscaler.

      • Tiago Tiago

        Ah, I was wondering if that was the case, thanks for the reply.
        I have my madvr set up to upscale so I guess I’m good to go.
        Thanks again.

  5. Angel Angel

    Hi guys, thanks for your work.

    I have a question, are both parts of Mushishi Zoku in this torrent?

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      No, they are in different torrents. And this one only contains the latter part.

      • Angel Angel

        Could you guys provide me with a link to the first torrent? Because I googled it for a while yesterday and I could not find it anywhere.

        Thanks for this, I love Mushishi, it’s like it heals my soul.

        • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

          My old blog died so most of that information is now gone, but here Mushishi@anidex.

      • Angel Angel

        Well, the first torrent is not in anidex. I’ll dig harder 🙂

        • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

          Oh, for the first season you can get it from here.

  6. Miki Miki

    I’m guessing the english episode title cards are from Vivid subs? Seems like a waste to paint over another part of screen for this beautiful anime, instead of positioning it on top of the Japanese title card. I extract subs and do it manually. Also, your encode for ‘Mushishi: Hihamu Kage’ seems 2px cropped when compared to CR release.

    • Miki Miki

      *I had to extract subs and do it manually.

  7. Miki Miki

    Special CD S2 Vol.1 missing from XDCC?

  8. tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

    Miki, like I said in my description the first part was done by Ruell so if something is missing it might be because it wasn’t in the source. As for your previous comments, I’m not going to pick my brain and remember what I did a few years ago.

    • Miki Miki

      Well, Special CD S2 Vol.1 is in your single vol torrent, but is just missing from XDCC and batch torrent.

      Also, Zoku shou season 1 special/ep 11 [13D73E8D], have lower bitrate than the half hour eps. Is that the reason why some dark scenes doesn’t look right? or Is that from BD?

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