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Kaichou wa Maid-sama! BluRay

They make a great couple!

This series was something I wanted to work on for a long time, but if I remember correctly Eclipse never finished with the series. So that and the fact that I was burned out when I worked on Kimi ni Todoke postponed my interest on this. I had the encodes from the Japanese BD release and the extras, but I deleted the source. Then, I decided to get the English BD release and instead use that for the videos. The only problem is that this series is much like Fairy Tail (2009) where it looks like a DVD upscale, therefore I applied similar filters to this release. I cropped it, anti-aliased, deband, and thickened the lines. I hope you like this work, I enjoyed this series, but unfortunately the English dub is quite bad (more so than usual).

Source: BDMV
Video: 576p at CRF 16
Audio: Dual AAC at tvbr 91 (English Default)
Subtitles: Retail PGS (English Signs Default)
Extras: Usual stuff like NCOP+ED, plus music videos, and audio CDs.

torrents: animebytes & anidex


  1. no-table no-table

    I always wanted to like this series but never get past a few eps. Time to try again. Thanks!

  2. Leviathan13 Leviathan13

    Many thanks for the release!

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