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Fairy Tail Part 21 (2014) BluRay

She's one bad-ass dragon slayer here!
She’s one bad-ass dragon slayer here!

For those who are going to ask, these are episodes 65 thru 77 of Season 2. By the way, two more volumes are left and then this series will be completed.

torrent: anidex


  1. Xeiros Xeiros

    Thanks a bunch as always. Much appreciated.

  2. Zash Zash

    There’s a complete problem with the PGS subtitle files.
    When I set the audio to Japanese and subtitles to English, the subtitles is out of sync. This is true for all the files.

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      They are not out of sync, that’s how they are on the Blu-ray. If you absolutely want perfect subs download the .ass files from the DDL page and re-time them yourself.

      • Zash Zash

        I’m using VSFilter? What seems to be the problem then?

        • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

          Honestly I’m not sure as most of the time every person’s setup is different, so that makes it hard to figure it out. But can you use something like mpv, smplayer, light-alloy, or even vlc and see if you still have issues?

  3. Michael Michael

    Cheers for your work and for the ass subs

    @Zash The internal subs play fine and synch is good. I personally use the external ass subs and the timing is fine on those as well.
    It’s definitely a config/settings problem on your system. If you don’t already do so try setting your player to use all its internal filters rule out any external filters.
    Otherwise so do as tlacatlc6 suggested and try some other players and even external filters.
    I use MPC-BE, Lav filters, MadVR renderer and XYSubfilter in Windows.

  4. TOny TOny


  5. Jash589 Jash589


  6. Steve Steve

    The torrent is dead. Possible for it to be seeded again?

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      It shouldn’t be dead, I’m fortunate to have a couple of great people helping me seed most of my current stuff. 😀

      • Steve Steve

        Had no problem getting Part 20 or 22, but this one just wouldn’t move…

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