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Haganai Season 1 and OVA BluRay

Let’s dive into this series! 😀

This is one series that I’ve like for a long time. I also have been working on it for at least a year, mainly going back and forth as to how to release it. Anyways, season 2 will come later when I get done going through all the clutter I created like this one.

Edit: I uploaded OCR’ed .ass subtitles, get them at the DDL page. I can’t remember what I changed, but there were some slight changes.

source: bdmv
video: jpbd, 720p at 16 crf
audio: usbd, dual aac at tvbr 91
subtitles: usbd, dual retail pgs
extras: misc videos, live shows, scans, and audio.

torrent: anidex
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