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Fairy Tail Part 16 (2014) BluRay

And so it begins…

Well, what can I say? I wasn’t sure if I should release the new Fairy Tail series, but I figure I should do so to continue with what I started from the beginning with the 2009 version.

PS: It seems no one is interested in my OCR subtitles! πŸ™

Very Late Edit: Episodes S05E03, S05E04, and S05E11 have errors but there is a patch in the DDL page to fix them.

Source: BDMV
Video: 720p at CRF 17.5
Audio: Dual AAC at tvbr 91 (English default)
Subtitles: Retail PGS (English Signs default)

torrents: anidex


  1. U.S. Grant U.S. Grant

    Many thanks for the release and welcome back. I stumbled over your new site just today. Please let me know where I can download your QCR subs.

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      You can get them here.

      • U.S. Grant U.S. Grant

        Many thanks for the download link.

  2. Jumbo Jumbo

    Thanks very much for the release, but it looks like episodes 3 and 4 have the wrong subtitles. Nothing is matching what the characters are saying. And episode 11 has the english subtitles on the english signs track.

    I didn’t realize until I saw this post that you OCR the subs but count me in as interested.

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      Thank you for reporting these errors, I guess when I was checking the .ass files I completely ignored the actual muxed subs. Everything should be here, enjoy.

  3. Jumbo Jumbo

    I think something might be wrong with NCOP24. It has somewhat darker colors than the OP in the actual episodes. Could you confirm?

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      If you hadn’t commented on this, I would have never noticed. But it appears that’s the way it was done in the source.

      • Jumbo Jumbo

        Thanks for looking into it. Thank you also for providing the .ass subtitles. I appreciate it very much.

  4. Michael Michael

    Cheers for providing the .ass files they come in very handy

  5. Jash589 Jash589

    Glad you decided to continue. Thanks for all the parts you’ve done so far!

  6. deanzel deanzel

    Great entire release. I just finished watching everything with your video and subs from start to beginning. As I watched it all subbed, I just wanted to let you know that this is the only Part release (from what I can tell) that has subs mixups which you can probably fix for a final batch. There are problems with episodes S05E03, S05E04, and S05E11.

    S05E03 has the subs for S05E04 muxed in accidentally. S05E04 has the subs for S05E05 muxed in instead. It wasn’t a big issue remuxing S05E04’s subs since they were present in the release, but S05E03 has no PGS subs here. I just muxed in some other subs but I could have maybe just used your OCR subs (although I’m not sure if those are mixed up as well). I’m not 100% sure if the Signs track is mixed up.

    S05E11 has a minor issue where the Signs and Full Subs tracks are accidentally mislabeled and swapped.

    Really appreciated your release, and just wanted to make sure you knew about the little subs mixups.

    • deanzel deanzel

      NM. I see you already made patches πŸ˜›

      • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

        I should had edited the post to reflect the patches.

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