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Kimi ni Todoke Box 1080p BluRay Batch

So glad I finished this!

After all these years I finally was able to get this batch completed. Sorry it took so long, but quite a lot of things happened. The saying “better late than never” is very appropriate in this case.

Note: Patches are available in the DDL page.

Source: BDMV
Subs: Eclipse (Season 1), gg (Season 2), Mamiko (Special 1), and Watakushi (Special 2)
Video: CRF 16
Audio: 24-bit FLAC

torrents: anidex


  1. Cloah Cloah

    So glad to see you finally finished this one up! I remember you speaking about it some time ago.

    Also glad to see you back in the swing of things with your releases.

    Gambate! ^^

  2. reizo reizo

    is the 720p release perfectly fine? i’m asking because the 1080p has several patches… 😀

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      There were no patches for the 720p release, only the specials 1 and 2 but they are on the XDCC bot.

  3. Miki Miki

    Any chance of a patch with Eclipse/m.3.3.w subs

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      This uses eclipse subs, so I don’t know if that’s what you meant.

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