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Natsume Yuujinchou Go Vol. 3-5 BluRay

The feeling when you complete another season!

Sorry it took so long, but didn’t had the motivation to fansub at some point. I said I would try and finish it before season 6 bds get released, and at the end of this month they will start to come out. And rather than doing a post for every volume I decided to put it all into one. Also, the two specials are not translated so if anyone knows someone or can translate these for me comment or pm me on IRC. If you find any problems let me know and they might end up on a v2 along with subs for the specials.

PS: If you like my work, please like my releases on anidex it would indicate if what I’m doing is being appreciated.

torrents: anidex


  1. Thanks for your hard work 🙂
    Waiting for the specials (Ossan1)

  2. CapedBaldy CapedBaldy

    Thanks for all the hard work, love your releases for Natsume. Looking forward to your BD releases of Roku after watching this. (y)

  3. Mesu Mesu


  4. Flower Flower

    Liked some of your releases I am especially fond of (Gingitsune, Mushishi and Kimi ni Todoke being some of the main ones) … keep up the good work my good sir! It is much appreciated. ^^

  5. thank you so much for doing this ! you’re definitely doing the work of a saint !
    my only complaint is that, is the ED translation wording position. I could be better if followed the commie’s position which is on the right. Other than that.. it’s tip top !

  6. Xeiros Xeiros

    Thanks a bunch.

  7. polasta polasta


  8. Hudeid Hudeid

    the new codec is amazing, can we by any chance get the past saisons encoded using x265 and opus audio

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      If I’m not confusing your question, the x265 settings are not that important as it’s still under heavy development. As for Opus, I only set it to 64kbps using the latest build.

      • Hudeid Hudeid

        i have the old releases 1080p x264 i just thaught that it would be awesome if you refresh them with the x265 720p ones as they take mush less space and ans as good as the old ones

        • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

          Oh, I guess wrong then. It seems lleur will be doing a 1080p x265 release for all the seasons, so that can be something that can be collaborated and release. 🙂

          • Hudeid Hudeid

            thank you, i always appreciate your work

  9. Miki Miki

    Any plans to add your old torrents to AniDex?

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      No real plans, but if you want something seeded that could be arranged depending on what you need. A lot of projects are on xdcc though.

  10. Moses35i Moses35i

    Thank you so much for releasing this!

  11. Eru Eru

    Thank You ~

  12. kamineko kamineko

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    What is your personal stance on both versions (x264 AAC vs x265 Opus)? Would you prefer the x265 version over the x264 one, or is the x264 one still better, but bigger?

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      For a show like Natsume, hevc plus opus is nice and I prefer it. But x265 is still in early development and doesn’t work for every show.

  13. Tharnok Tharnok

    is no subtitles for me on the two speciels on the Vol 3-5 x264AAC and the Opus version, i tried both. There is subtitles on the other episodes just not on the SP’s. Im running the latest version of VLC.

  14. - IDC - - IDC -

    So, when will you sub the specials? Still eager to wait your well done job on these two episodes 🙂

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      I’m waiting for both to be subbed, so far only the first one is available. It doesn’t make sense to just post one, therefore it will just have to wait.

    • tlacatlc6 tlacatlc6

      Yes, I see that now. I will try to get these out as fast as I can.

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