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Natsume Yuujinchou Go Vol. 3-5 BluRay

The feeling when you complete another season!

Sorry it took so long, but didn’t had the motivation to fansub at some point. I said I would try and finish it before season 6 bds get released, and at the end of this month they will start to come out. And rather than doing a post for every volume I decided to put it all into one. Also, the two specials are not translated so if anyone knows someone or can translate these for me comment or pm me on IRC. If you find any problems let me know and they might end up on a v2 along with subs for the specials.

PS: If you like my work, please like my releases on anidex it would indicate if what I’m doing is being appreciated.

torrents: anidex

Fairy Tail Part 22 (2014) BluRay

The concluding episodes.
The concluding episodes.

Let me start off by saying that I’m sorry for delaying this and not getting it done before the end of 2016. Also, there should be one last part or volume but somehow I don’t see any info of that anywhere. And these episodes are 78 through 90 of season 2 for those that are wondering.

torrent: anidex

Natsume Yuujinchou Go Vol. 1 BluRay

Come at me, I'm ready!
Come at me, I’m ready!

Finally, the fifth season of Natsume Yuujinchou is here.  As some of you know I’m a big fan of this series, so it was natural I’ll pick this one up.  One thing I’ve been wanting to do is to start and release something with 10-bit hevc, which is why first I’ll release these.  Let me know what you guys think of these, I personally like them but it’s better to use a good player like mpv,, or either mpc-hc or mpc-be with pixel shaders to help.  I will later release the x264 8-bit version, so if you want that one just wait for it.  Happy Holidays to all and a happy New Year!

PS: Sorry about not getting the latest Fairy Tail BluRay out, but I’ll get to that after the holidays and it’ll be release in January. 🙂

source: bdmv
video: 720p (10-bit hevc, 8-bit x264)
audio: Opus, AAC
subtitles: horriblesubs (dialog), commie (signs, songs)
torrents: anidex

Fairy Tail Part 21 (2014) BluRay

She's one bad-ass dragon slayer here!
She’s one bad-ass dragon slayer here!

For those who are going to ask, these are episodes 65 thru 77 of Season 2. By the way, two more volumes are left and then this series will be completed.

torrent: anidex

Steins;Gate BluRay

Lab coats are great!

I finally decided to watch this show, therefore I had to work on it and release it. I was intending to do this last year but for some reason or another it didn’t happened. So enjoy!

Source: Ruell-Next
Video: 720p at CRF 18
Audio: Dual AAC at tvbr 91 (English default)
Subtitles: Retail PGS (English Signs default)
Extras are not included as they were released by Ruell.

torrents: animebytes & anidex

Fairy Tail Part 20 (2014) BluRay

Tartaros Arc looks pretty good, waiting for the next volume will be agonizing.

The fact that they replay much of the same things over and over is quite frustrating. Maybe they ran out of content in order to stretch it out.

torrent: anidex

Fifth Anniversary!

How time flies! (Source: Safebooru)

Five years ago today I released my first project. I wasn’t planning on posting about this as I don’t think is necessary, but it just so happened that it felled on the same day (Friday). Anyways, thanks to those who enjoy what I do.


Gingitsune BluRay

Sly girls.

Some time ago I was interested in doing this show but at the time only 3 volumes had been available. Therefore, I decided to get the US BD instead and so I encoded everything from that. Then, last month the last volumes were available but I was already done with everything, just needing to make sure nothing was wrong. I also thought this was going to be dual audio but since it wasn’t I decided to do it with fansubs rather than official subs. So after all that time here is a new show, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Source: BDMV
Video: CRF 17.5
Audio: AAC at tvbr 127
Subtitles: Vivid
Torrents: anidex and animebytes