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Fairy Tail Part 19 (2014) BluRay

Finally!!! \o/

So this marks the half-way point in the latest Fairy Tail season. Now to wait for the other parts to slowly come out so that we can enjoy the rest of this great series.

torrents: anidex

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! BluRay

They make a great couple!

This series was something I wanted to work on for a long time, but if I remember correctly Eclipse never finished with the series. So that and the fact that I was burned out when I worked on Kimi ni Todoke postponed my interest on this. I had the encodes from the Japanese BD release and the extras, but I deleted the source. Then, I decided to get the English BD release and instead use that for the videos. The only problem is that this series is much like Fairy Tail (2009) where it looks like a DVD upscale, therefore I applied similar filters to this release. I cropped it, anti-aliased, deband, and thickened the lines. I hope you like this work, I enjoyed this series, but unfortunately the English dub is quite bad (more so than usual).

Source: BDMV
Video: 576p at CRF 16
Audio: Dual AAC at tvbr 91 (English Default)
Subtitles: Retail PGS (English Signs Default)
Extras: Usual stuff like NCOP+ED, plus music videos, and audio CDs.

torrents: animebytes & anidex

Fairy Tail Part 18 (2014) BluRay

For the Lucy fans!

One more volume done and I’m hoping to get the next one done soon. Get the .ass files from the DDL page. Enjoy!

Torrents: anidex

By the way, one of the reasons I upload the .ass files is for people who are having problems with the PGS subs. Consequently, you are able to modify them with a player such as mpv as shown in this comparion. Below is the command-line that I used (default font is Tahoma): --ass-force-style=FontName=Ebrima,FontSize=70 "[tlacatlc6] Fairy Tail S05E29 (BD 1280x720 x264 Dual AAC PGS) [0D4B4D4A].mkv"

Obviously, you can play around with the font size and/or font but it has to be installed on your system in order to be used by mpv. I have not experimented with other players as I use mpv as my main player nowadays. And of course you can modify the script and mux it into the mkv and replace the PGS subs if you so desire, but I won’t help you out there. 😆


Kimi ni Todoke Box 1080p BluRay Batch

So glad I finished this!

After all these years I finally was able to get this batch completed. Sorry it took so long, but quite a lot of things happened. The saying “better late than never” is very appropriate in this case.

Note: Patches are available in the DDL page.

Source: BDMV
Subs: Eclipse (Season 1), gg (Season 2), Mamiko (Special 1), and Watakushi (Special 2)
Video: CRF 16
Audio: 24-bit FLAC

torrents: anidex

Fairy Tail Part 17 (2014) BluRay

Since it was getting interesting!

There were three episodes on the first volume that I forgot to check for errors, so there’s a patch to correct them. Just rename the .ass files to match the new naming and everything should be good. And as with part 16 and season 1, subtitles are on the ddl page.

torrents: anidex

Fairy Tail Part 16 (2014) BluRay

And so it begins…

Well, what can I say? I wasn’t sure if I should release the new Fairy Tail series, but I figure I should do so to continue with what I started from the beginning with the 2009 version.

PS: It seems no one is interested in my OCR subtitles! 🙁

Very Late Edit: Episodes S05E03, S05E04, and S05E11 have errors but there is a patch in the DDL page to fix them.

Source: BDMV
Video: 720p at CRF 17.5
Audio: Dual AAC at tvbr 91 (English default)
Subtitles: Retail PGS (English Signs default)

torrents: anidex

s-CRY-ed BluRay

I wished I had completed this earlier.

So a lot of things happened with this series and a lot of time passed since I started working on it. I decided to redo the encodes and only do 720p and not worry about 1080p nor the TrueHD audio, which was nice but very heavy on the file size.

Huge, huge thanks to der_richter who made this possible by helping me get this series completed. You can check out his other great projects at his group Judgment.

Note: There are some short specials from the manga that I’ll release later.

Source: BDMV
Video: 720p at CRF 17, slightly denoised and anti-aliased
Audio: 5.1 DTS at 768kbps
Subtitles: Retail

torrents: animebytes & anidex
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Mushishi Zoku Shou (2014) BluRay

Even Ginko is amazed I completed the series!

So, finally the last episodes of Mushishi Season 2 are finished. One reason this was delayed is because I was waiting to see if Ruell would encode it for me as he did with the first three volumes. Unfortunately, he is very busy with University so I had to stepped in and do the encodes. And obviously the other reason is that I don’t have the time I would like to work on my projects. I hope the naming convention is not controversial but that’s how I’ve decided to name it.

Source: BDMV
Video: 720p at CRF 16
Audio: AAC at tvbr 127
Subtitles: Vivid
Specials not translated, scans and audio files are also included.

torrents: anidex

Fairy Tail (2009) BluRay

Lame screenshot.

So I decided to make an official post about the batch release.  Any interest in my OCR unedited ass subtitles?

Source: BDMV
Video: 576p at CRF 19
Audio: Dual AAC at tvbr 91 (English Default)
Subtitles: Retail PGS (English Signs Default)

torrents: animebytes & anidex